Fernwood Elementary Math Challenge 2020-2021

During this pandemic, it was not an easy job for students to participate in such extracurricular activities but apart from all those challenges our Panthers have been sincere in the Math Challenge Program.

Due to pandemic and remote/hybrid learning challenges, this year Math Challenge Team has sent Math Challenge Certificates via email in PDF format. We hope all the participants received it.

Some statistics of Fernwood Elementary's Math Challenge Program:

Total 65 Students submitted at-least 1 Math Challenge this year while 
Total 28 Students have successfully submitted more than 11 Math-Challenges and earned a Math Challenge Certificate.

Total 24 Students have correctly answered Math Challenge Questions per  Level (Level-1: KG& 1st Grade, Level-2: 2nd & 3rd Grade, Level-3: 4th & 5th Grade)
Students who have exceptionally performed well in this Math Challenge Program, have secured Math Challenge Achievement Certificates.

Congratulations to all Math Challenge Participants 
  Name                          Grade
Aashitha G.                     KG
Dyuthi K.                         KG
Aaron P.                          1st
Devansh S.                     1st
Harita G.                         1st
Kaarvi G.                        1st
Pranav S.                       1st
Veer M.                          1st
Bhuvi J.                          2nd
Eliza W.                          2nd
Lucas D.                         2nd
Neil W.                            2nd
Trevin J.                          2nd
Amirtha L.                       3rd
Anish S.                          3rd
Ashrita P.                        3rd
Han L.                             3rd
Ishan N.                           3rd
Joseph L.                         3rd
Sana V.                            3rd
Anshuman V.                   4th
Ayushi M.                        4th
Kobee T.                          4th
Krisha V.                          4th
Meenakshi E.                  4th
Alisha V.                          5th
Anay A.                           5th
Vidhee S.                        5th

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you participate in the Math Challenge Program in Year-2021-2022!

Have a Happy and Safe Summer Break!

Sonal Popat & Madhuri Eashwar
Math Challenge Team