How to upload your student’s photos on Pictavo  (Including Portrait pictures for Class page and 5th Grade Baby pictures)

                       Parents, would you like to submit pictures of your student for the yearbook pages? OR Do  you want to reserve a copy?  ORDER YOUR COPY HERE


The Yearbook Committee is working on building different pages and sections in the yearbook. We have some categories and allotted pages that we are working with currently, please try to limit the pictures to this those categories. We welcome pictures from parents of all students. Pictavo is the tool which we are using to build our Yearbook. Please follow the instructions below to upload your student’s photo for consideration in the Yearbook pages.  We recommend using the Chrome browser.

Please download the pics to your computer and then upload. Screenshots may be too small for us to use. You can also upload from Google Drive.

                                                                                                                     Step 1
>>Visit . Create your personal Login. School ID is 96556.You could also search for Fernwood Elementary on the drop-down menu.

                                                                                                                     Step 2
>>> Once you create your log in, you can upload your student’s photos into the appropriate folders created like Halloween, Snow fun, 100th day of school, PE, Recess, Music, Library etc. If the photo does not fall into the different categories or if you are not sure, please upload into the Other folder. Tag the pics with  Student First Name , Teacher's name

                                                                                                                   Step 3

>>>> MISSED PORTRAIT PICTURES FOR CLASS PAGE : For students who missed the Picture Day or Picture Re-take at school, please upload the image you would like to have in the Yearbook under Missed Portrait Pictures album.  The submitted picture will appear in the class page of the yearbook.
Important: Be sure to tag /name the file in the following format. Teacher's Last Name, Student Full Name so that we can assign the portrait picture to the right class.

                                                                                                               Step 4

>>>5th Grade Families - Please upload your student's baby picture to the 5th Grade Baby Pictures folder. Important Please name or tag the uploaded file with  Teacher's Last Name, Student's Full Name 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the Yearbook Committee at (Please Do not send pictures to this email)

Pre-Order Your Yearbook  by April 21st!

This is a unique year, especially for our students, one with new ways of being in a class, interacting with others, making friends and learning. We have learnt new ways to create fun memories, new routines while wishing for somethings old. But when we are finally ready to say good-bye and move forward, we want to have all these collective memories in some place special. The Yearbook will be a memory book that you can revisit!
The PTSA would like to ensure that every Panther family has access to  a memory book. If you would like to support this effort, please contribute to  The Fernwood Family Cares Fund* on the Payment section while orderingAll orders must be placed by April 21 2021. Thank you!