Fernwood Science Fair, March 29th 2024

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming PTSA Science Fair, a celebration of curiosity, creativity, and scientific inquiry!
This event is an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their passion for science and innovation.

Whether your child is conducting an experiment, presenting a research project, or demonstrating a scientific concept, the PTSA Science Fair is a platform for them to explore their interests and share their discoveries with the community.

Parents, we encourage you to support your child's scientific journey by engaging with their project, asking questions, and fostering their curiosity. Your involvement can make a significant difference in their learning experience.

Students, this is your chance to shine! Use this opportunity to unleash your creativity, think critically, and dive into the fascinating world of science. Remember, it's not just about winning—it's about the joy of discovery and the thrill of learning. 

Student Registration Form: https://forms.gle/RamTKqBTgeQALoa67 

(Deadline by March 22, 2024)

We also welcome volunteers to participate in this exciting event. If you're interested in getting involved, please complete the form below.  

Volunteer Registration Form: https://forms.gle/3APC7L8PcgzN136r5 

(Please note that volunteers need to be existing PTSA members)

Let's make this PTSA Science Fair a memorable and inspiring experience for everyone involved. Together, let's ignite a passion for science and exploration!

Here are the PTSA Science Fair Guidelines for reference,