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Table of Contents

A - Introduction

Job Description

Responsibilities of a Chairperson & Committee Chair Understanding

B - Committee Chair Resources

Planning Form/ Checklist WORD Format (PDF Format)

Feedback Form WORD Format (PDF Format)

Resource Sheet (PDF Format

Pointers for Events (PDF Format)

Board of Directors Org Chart PDF Only

Money Handling Procedures

C - Forms

Reimbursement Form WORD Format (PDF Format) use this form to request Petty Cash

Cash Detail Deposit Form WORD Format (PDF Format)

Motion Form PDF with Instructions

Content Submission Form

D - Current Year

Keep a section in your committee binder for copies of receipts, contracts, forms, etc. for use by the next committee chairperson.

E - Previous Year(s)

Keep any relevant info which may be useful year to year. Feel free to include any notes, previous forms or important contact info, or media with important documents.


Current Committee Chair List

Letterhead PDF

NSD Disclaimer

Fernwood PTSA Logo PNG

Procurement Forms Sample Community Letter  Sample Procurement Form

PTSA Training Opportunities  Link to NS Council Training Schedule 

Shed Inventory Link to Inventory