President | Ruchi Mishra

Meet Ruchi

Ruchi is a mother, a wife and a day dreamer. Her son, Rutik, is a 1st grader. Ruchi believes in building a strong community .

Ruchi works for an IT company as a PM, where she is able to use her partner and stakeholder management skills to build a community and enhance its well-being. She looks forward to applying the same skillsets to enhance the well being of the Fernwood PTSA and its partnering communities.

In her own words, here are Ruchi's plans to leverage her skills and experiences to improve the PTSA:

What are the partner management skills that I use at PTSA:
"Parent , teacher, students are partners in the school curriculum system. Each have different ways of achieving a common goal at Fernwood. I empathize in my communication with these partners and aspire to align them to Fernwood’s beliefs. As partners we help grow the community together!"

Why stakeholder management:
"The stakeholders in the community need an organized channel of communication. They need a common contact to talk to.

Please don’t hesitate to send me an email message.
I can be reached at

I would love to discuss any suggestions or concerns."

Ruchi has a masters in information systems from the University of Washington. She has worked in multiple fields, including automotive, personal computers and messaging platforms. Her interest in new technologies helps her keep up to speed with the next generation. Her experience with the PTSA include serving as a Chair, co-chair in the science fair and helping on the final submission files management, and chairing Pie Day.

Responsibilities of the President

➣ Presides at board meetings.

➣ Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of a PTA

➣ Serves as the executive officer of all committees (except for the nominating committee).

➣ Appoints chairpersons of all committees, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

➣ Delegates responsibilities.

➣ Serves as one of the signatures of checks.

➣ Encourages parental involvement.

➣ Works with other PTSA leaders to connect families, school and community.