Secretary | Nan Nan

Nan Nan and her husband moved to the Seattle area in 2007. They have a Third Grader at Fernwood and a former Panther in middle school. Because her children have been happy at Fernwood, Nan Nan felt motivated to step up to serve as a Board Member.


During the day, Nan Nan contributes value to an agile development team at a company in Downtown, Seattle. On the weekends, she creates content for niche websites. Leadership-wise, she serves in officer positions for a nonprofit called Toastmasters International. She aims to leverage her experiences to add value to the PTSA.


As the 2021-22 Secretary, who manages organizational artifacts and leads the communications team, her goals are to fine-tune existing processes, and to convey the benefits of becoming a member of the PTSA, with value-added and consistently-distributed content across multiple platforms, in order to arouse interest, boost morale, and keep everyone informed and connected.


She looks forward to collaborating with and learning from her team, and serving the Fernwood community.