PTSA Goals

PTSA Goals for 2019-2020

Have a greeter at all PTSA Meetings to maximize inclusion and put a face to PTSA:- We accomplished this by seeking volunteers amongst the board to be greeters at each general meeting.
Focus on Outreach/Diversifying by offering a variety of programs and activities to appeal to more families (no cost, daytime and evening offerings), and encourage new people to step forward as committee chairs. BY expanding committee chair representation and offering programs:-We have accomplished this by providing various types of events/programs at various times of the day (see PTSA events calendar). We as a board have also reached out through various mediums to parents to volunteer and chair committees (i.e. weekly update, Panther Tales, FB, OSP)
Establish a plan to help families with the transition with the 2020-2021 year:-We have accomplished this through including our kindergarten families (who are currently not at FW but will return this fall) in our communications for events/programs. We have also hosted info nights and invited the administration from RBE to school events so families can meet them. We also host annual new family tours in August and plan to have playdates before school starts to get new families more acquainted with FW. We have also shared newsletter sign-up links and meeting info for Canyon Creek & RBE.
Explore Outdoor Science Program (revisiting outdoor classroom idea?) and /or green house:-We explored this and recognized that it would not be feasible currently.
Creating a volunteer club working with a local organizations, such as Kiwanis, YMCS, etc.*This was in the works, but COVID happened. Our plan is to expand the Kindness Crew to work with Kiwanis next fall and collaborate on more volunteer opportunities for both adults and students. 
Invite guest speakers for family & parent education.We have multiple guest speakers, including the Librarian from Sno-Isle, Safety Advocate, Crystal Ellis, and planned to have Robin McKenzie, but COVID forced us to postpone this Safety Presentation for this year.
Create transparency of survey results to share with families.At PTSA & Board meetings, we shared with members the feedback that families wanted to expand the Spelling Bee to include the younger grades, expand the Science Olympiad, and continue with the Student Enrichment Programs, including some free options. We also continued to provide the printed newsletter as well as the electronic versions, based on member feedback.
Establish bicycle safety protocol, ensuring storage & rider safety are consistent with district requirements. In partnership with the school, Stacey developed a presentation to share with families and had students who were interested in biking, sign the commitment form (that was developed by the school) and offer this at our back-to-school resource night.
Investigate need and feasibility of installing a PTSA drop box/lock box.We as a board discussed this but recognized that there was not a need and that it would not be feasible at this time.
PTSA Membership Goals: 

100% Staff Membership:-Completed
Target 500 members:-(456 members so far!)