1st VP Membership Cochair 1 | Ananya

Meet Ananya

Ananya is from West Bengal state of India, living in Seattle from last 12 years with husband and two kids
Aarush (13) and Srinija (7). Aarush was an ex-student of Fernwood from K-5, currently in 8 th grade at
Skyview Middle School and Srinija will be in 2 nd grade at Fernwood this year.

Ananya loves to give back to the community in every possible way and Fernwood is very close to her
heart as her both kids started from Kindergarten in Fernwood. She is excited to be part of Fernwood
PTSA board this year as VP Membership Co-Chair. Ananya loves to volunteer for her kids’ school and for
different other local non-profit organizations to support the underprivileged and homeless teens. She
also supports different educational projects for the talented underprivileged kids in India.

Ananya works as a Payroll Compliance Auditor in a Seattle based Payroll Compliance Audit company
along with volunteering for different non-profit organizations. She also pursues her passion of
showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India through embroidery business and thus support the needy
weavers of West Bengal, India.

She is looking forward to being part of the PTSA board this year and wants to give back to the
community in every possible way in her capacity. She also wants to encourage her kids and other kids of
the community to give back to the community in their own capacity. She thinks this will also encourage
other parents of Fernwood Community to come forward and serve their kid’s school. Unitedly we can
make Fernwood Elementary School a great educational institution for our kids, so that they will cherish
the good memories and feel proud to be part of this community.

Responsibilities of the VP of Memberhip Cochair

The VP of Membership Cochair works with the VP of Membership to:

➣ help grow the PTSA's membership base

➣ help retain existing memebrs.

➣ collect and reconcile membership dues

➣ distribute membership cards and information

➣ create a plan to boost membership

➣ attend the Board of Director meetings and add valuable input to the team