VP of Fundraising Cochair | Shilpa Prakash

Meet Shilpa!

Shilpa's journey began in South India, and when she relocated to Seattle, she anticipated gloomy days and a brief stay. Surprisingly, she not only continued to reside in this beautiful city for over a decade but also forged lasting friendships. In 2018, she made the move to Bothell when her son entered kindergarten; now, she's astonished that he's in 5th grade, with her second child in 2nd grade.

Taking a hiatus from her role as an engineer, Shilpa is gradually easing back into it, seizing the extra time afforded now that both kids are in school. While previously not heavily involved in PTSA activities, she found joy in co-chairing last year's book fair with a friend, prompting her to join PTSA this year for a more active role.

In her leisure moments, Shilpa finds solace in humming tunes and nurturing her beloved plants.