President Elect | Parag Gupta

Meet Parag

Parag and his wife moved to Seattle in 2022 from TX. They have a kindergartner in Fernwood. Parag is always has been a bug supporter

of diversity and inclusion. He was a D&I leader while working in corporate world (Portland-OR, Austin-TX, Fremont-CA and Seattle-WA). He and his wife both enjoy helping community and families while hosting various events.
Parag’s qualification includes experience as Director, Manager, Sr. Architect, and individual contributor. After loosing his job in mid-2023 he started a startup group of companies by the company name as
MindHat LLC with focus in IT, retail, finance and food industry.

As the 2023-24 President Elect, his priority is to support President to strengthen the
communication channels between the school, the parent community, and other local
supporters of the PTSA, in order to ensure that every voice is heard, and every opinion is
valued. He is already taking ownership of various programs like after-school program, book fair
and watchdogs, etc.

➣ Assist the President in overseeing and coordinating the executive board's responsibilities. 

➣ Attend and contribute to the PTSA Board and Membership meetings.

➣ Represent the PTSA in a positive manner.

➣ Prepares and trains for assuming the PTSA President role for the upcoming school year.

➣ Works with other PTSA leaders, families and the school to build a strong community.