Financial Procedures

Money Handling
- PTSA money can only be handled by PTSA.

- All deposits must be counted by two PTSA members, who are not living in the same household, and a PTSA Cash Received form must be filled out and signed by both.

- PTSA money cannot stay in the school office It must be collected in an envelope in the PTSA inbox and removed at the end of the day by a committee member. It should then be counted, by two people and a cash received form filled out and turned in to the Treasurer.
Collecting Money
- Give all funds to the Assistant Treasurer as soon as possible.

- Obtain a receipt.

- If collecting money prior to an event or for the safe of an item, give the money to the Treasurer as it comes in. (It is OK to give the Treasurer multiple deposits. This will give checks a chance to clear prior to the event or receiving their goods)
Change Fund and Petty Cash
- Give the Treasurer at least 1 week notice to get cash for the (Every check requires 2 signatures, and this can take time)

- Do not put personal funds in with PTSA fund (Regional guidelines require that any money added to PTSA funds is considered a donation and you will not get your money back.)

Night of Event
- Prior to leaving the venue, two PTSA members must count the money collected and complete and sign a PTSA Cash Received form.

- Money must be delivered to the Treasurer by the day after the event, unless other arrangements have been made.