Thank You Spelling Bee Team!!!

The PTSA would like to say THANK YOU to our Spelling Bee Team  Mridulika, Mayuri Mudholkar and their tech support Anurag Mangal and Ankita Goyal for an amazing Digital Spelling Bee this week. Your talents in organizing the event this year were fabulous. 
Student from grades 1-5 competed by spelling words with amazing skill. All the Panthers that attended did a great job showing kindness to their fellow classmates, good sportsmanship and advocacy for themselves. We congratulate all of you for your efforts. 
The 1-2nd grade group will be finishing their competition this week as the search for the finalists took us until after 7pm. 

PTSA was so happy to be a part of this event and also want to thank the teachers that helped to make this possible. We were greeted both nights by Principal Bradshaw as she gave encouraging words. Teachers that helped pronounce the words and be room judges were Ms. Bickhaus (Dean of Students), Ms. Gilbert (OT/PT), Ms. Hough (Library), Ms. Zager (Library), Ms. Agpoon (2nd) and Mr. Weaver (2nd) . 

The spelling bee team would like to thank our PTSA Representative Ms. Stacey Hutchson. She was a Judge for both dates. We can't imagine our event to go so smoothly without her help and support.

Congratulations to all winners!!!