The year 2020-2021 is quite a challenging year for everyone. In Spite of being a challenging year our Fernwood Artists have come forward with their artistic creativity to participate in the Reflections Program. It's not easy for the children to use their talents for judging. It needs lots of courage and boldness. A big shout out to all the children. I congratulate and appreciate each and every student who participated in the Reflections program this school year. 

As a small token of memory and appreciation we have created a slide show of all our artist artwork. Click Here to view.



Announcing Reflections 2021-22!

2021-2022 Reflections Theme: 

"I Will Change The World By..." 

This is the Reflections theme for next year. No program materials or rules are available yet. More information will be made available in Aug/Sept 2021. But it is never too early to plant the seed and share the theme with students. A rainy day summer project, maybe! 
For any questions feel free to email : Ramya Tanguturu - 

Thank you!